Conserving and Celebrating British Columbia's Soccer Heritage

Friends of Harry Manson


Below is a collection of broadcasts, publications and articles pertaining to Harry Manson, his life and achievements, and his induction into the Soccer Hall of Fame.



Duncan McCue – CBC TV 

Anthony Totera – OSA TV 


Jean Paetkau – CBC Radio 

Sarah Mulkerrins – BBC Radio 


Robert Janning – BallBoy Press 


Michael McColl - Vancouver Metro

Luke Simcoe - Vancouver Metro

Duncan McCue - CBC News

Greg Sakaki - Nanaimo News Bulletin

Ben Ingram – Nanaimo Daily News 

Scott McKenzie - Nanaimo Daily News

Ross Armour - Nanaimo Daily News

Julie Chadwick - Nanaimo Daily News

Martin Dunphy – Georgia Straight 

Kelly Many Guns – First Nations Drum